Ask Advertising with Windigo24: How Do I Generate More Leads Online?

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“How can I generate more leads online?”

I’m very excited to answer this question because it’s something I am asked constantly. How can our business find more leads online? The online space is dense. There are tons of companies out there who maintain an online presence in your market, but I know a tip that will help you obtain more customers. It’s very simple. Ready?

Create meaningful content.

As someone who helps businesses write content for a living, I’ve seen plenty of businesses fail here. They either don’t have the time to keep up with their social pages or they don’t know where to start. It’s important to note that if you cannot keep up with the demand of blogging, you should hire someone who can.If your budget is tight, find a student, recent graduate, or a family friend who has a knack with words, give them a laptop, and let them do the rest.

You can find content online anywhere, but finding valuable content can be tough. For those small business owners who are able to deliver valuable content to their consumers, they have a big upper hand.

There are a few ways in which your business can start generating leads now:

  • Guest write on a blog
    • Everyone and their Mom has a blog these days. That’s great and I commend you if you maintain daily/weekly/monthly blog posts. However, there are ways to get more readers to your blog and that is through blogs that have already established themselves. If you are able to write as an expert for a wider audience, there is a good chance a percentage of those readers will come back to your page for more advice. Research the top blogs in your market/business category and see if they are willing to post something you’ve written. If not, say “Bye Felicia” and find someone who will. Guest writers are valuable because they save bloggers time and energy while maintaining their site traffic.
  • Use more blogging resources
    • Most businesses that maintain a blog have a single account where they post. Although it is great that you are posting, you should be putting your writing on more than just one platform. When our agency Windigo24 Creative writes blog posts, I try to put them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Tumblr, and Medium. Over the last few years, LinkedIn has become the #1 social media resource for lead generation, so always consider putting your blogs on there. This allows your one piece of writing to go further and be seen by a lot more eyeballs!
  • Write an e-book or offer a free trial to obtain more email subscribers
    • It doesn’t matter whether it’s a sample at Costco or a t-shirt at a basketball game: People love free stuff. More importantly, they love free stuff that brings value to them. I’ve downloaded plenty of e-books about marketing and advertising and I’ve stayed on a lot of those mailing lists because they deliver content that I can use for my job. Once you’ve completed the e-book, try marketing it to people in your niche. Twitter is usually a great location for this because you can control the audience that follows you and your content. Writing an e-book is fairly simple and though it can be time consuming, it gives you collateral to hand out to potential customers and gives them incentive to write in their email addresses.
  • Find out where your leads are hiding online
    • There are websites for just about anything these days and many of these sites are built with forums and comment boards. Google blogs about your market and join in on discussions. Give useful, insightful feedback and become a part of those communities. The more trust you’ve built within a forum, the more likely they are to help you find leads. You can find specialized groups for your business on LinkedIn, Reddit, Facebook, Quora, etc.
  • Create video content
    • I try to preach this in as many blog posts as I can: There is nothing more important in marketing today than a well executed video. Create a promotional video that explains the services you provide and explain why that matters to the customer. Try to keep the video concise (around 1-2 minutes long). Keep this video on your social pages. Pin it to the top of your Facebook page and allow as many people to see it as possible. Make sure the video is somewhere on your website so people can easily access the information when they visit you.

We hope this can give you some ideas to get online and start collecting leads! To see more of our stuff, visit  or check us out on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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