Top Ten Social Media Influencers and Pages You Must Follow

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Social media influencers come from all walks of life. They are writers, designers, authors, motivational speakers, or sometimes all of the above. Following influencers can help you describe your business clearer, market to your consumers better, and stay on top of growing trends faster. As a start-up and digital agency owner, I use these resources to help boost my content and see how the best in the business are marketing themselves. Thanks to these ten influencers or pages, small business owner can gain a better understanding of how to market their business online.

In no particular order, here are my personal favorite influencer pages:

1. Social Media Examiner

social media examiner is one of the bet social media influencers

Michael A. Stelzner created this page to help businesses everywhere stay updated on social media trends. They’ve amassed almost 500,000 email subscribers and frequently produce high quality articles. Their podcast is hosted by Stelzner and is jam-packed with expert insight. You can see their Twitter feed here or subscribe to their podcast here

2. Amy Porterfield 

social media influencer amy porterfield

I was introduced to Amy Porterfield while searching for a new podcast to listen to. Within the first five minutes I found myself searching frantically for a pen to write down all the tips she was giving me on Facebook advertising. A trainer, author, and Facebook expert Amy is filled with social media knowledge and I can always learn something from her pages. You can keep up with her on Twitter and listen to her podcast here

3. Socially Sorted

social media influencer Socially Sorted

I believe I discovered Socially Sorted while browsing through a sea of Twitter marketers. Donna jumped out at me because of her use of bold colors and ability to create stunning visual content. As she describes it on her website, she has the ability to take pages from “meh to BOOM” helping clients obtain more engagement. Check her out on Twitter

4. Kim Garst

social media influencer Kim Garst

Kim was named one of Forbes‘ “Top Social Media Influencers” and for good reason. She provides insight into the social media landscape and maintains a positive attitude on most of her posts. You can find her Twitter feed here

5. Social Media Today

social media influencer website Social Media Today

Social Media Today has gained almost half a million Facebook likes because of their ability to share cutting edge news and the latest social media trends. I specifically love their Twitter content and I share a lot of their articles. Find their latest tweets here

6. Gary Vaynerchuk

social media influencer Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary is one of the greatest content creators of our generation. He is constantly on YouTube, Facebook Live, or Periscope answering questions from entrepreneurs around the world. His engaging advice and expert opinions keep his 281,000 YouTube subscribers coming back for me. If you are starting out in business, this is the guy to watch. Check out Gary’s Twitter and his YouTube videos

7. Ann Handley

social media influencer Ann Handley

Ann is one of the best content writers out there. You can find her articles frequenting publications like Entrepreneur, Huffington Post,  and Mashable. She dedicated an entire book to creative writing in her book “Everybody Writes” which explains strategies marketers can take to connect with their audience. You can see her latest tweets here

8. Social Marketing Fella

social media influencer Social Marketing Fella

This page focuses it’s energy on creating content and following trends of the tech industry. You can find articles about email marketing, emerging technology, social tools, and more. Tweet them about your marketing here

9. Guy Kawasaki

social media influencer and canva evangelist guy kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki explains himself perfectly on his Facebook page: “I share enchanting stuff. All the time. In large quantities.” In April of 2014, Kawasaki became the Chief Evangelist of Canva, which allows anyone to create beautiful designs, infographics, and layouts. His wide array of content attracts readers from all different demographics. Guy’s Twitter can be found here and you can check out Canva while you’re at it.

10. Marketing Land

social media influencer website marketing land

Marketing Land is a great resource for anything related to social media, SEO, analytics, or mobile. Founder Danny Sullivan also runs Search Engine Land, dedicated to more news about search engine optimization. Marketing Land’s conferences “MarTech” usually feature the biggest names in media and is a perfect resources for any emerging company looking to learn more about the digital age. Check out their tweets

There are my top ten favorites. Did I miss your favorite media resource? Who do you look up to as an influencer? Leave a comment or share the blog and let’s have a conversation!


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