Friday’s Finest: Issue #3

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Friday’s Finest: Issue #3

Hot damn it’s Friday already? Good stuff. As always I’m here to share the best three pieces of marketing I’ve seen this week in the third issue of Friday’s Finest.

#3) Apple- iPhone 6s Timer ft. Cookie Monster

Apple made a splash in the media this week by using the lovable cookie fiend Cookie Monster in their latest ad. The iPhone 6s was showcased while Cookie Monster uses Siri and the phone’s timer feature in an attempt to make a fresh batch of cookies. He sets the timer for 14:00 minutes and begins to try and waste time messing with the measuring cups, reading a cookbook, and even asking Siri to play his “Waiting Playlist.” This ad is a piece of Friday’s Finest because of its great simplicity. The timer isn’t a very exciting piece of the iPhone and yet the ad is captivating, funny, and lovable all thanks to our impatient, furry friend. You can check out the full ad below:

#2) Mellon Educate- What the f**k have you done?

Typically, non-profit and volunteer ads are all the same. They pan to a grey, morose screen and show someone in need. Then, the community at hand comes to the rescue and everyone is so inspired that they immediately pull out their pocketbooks while trying to hold back the tears. Not this ad. This ad for Mellon Educate quickly earned a spot on Friday’s Finest because of its subtle humor and powerful imagery. The spot shows a bucket of sand. Each grain of sand represents a piece of your life and how you spend those grains is up to you. Stop asking “What the f*** am I doing with my life?” and check out the ad below:

#1) Hershey’s Take 5 Bar at SXSW

Hershey's Take 5 Bar and Promotion for their "Swag Exchange" at the SXSW Festival

Hershey’s Take 5 Bar and Promotion for their “Swag Exchange” at the SXSW Festival

South by Southwest’s festival and their partnership with Hershey’s make the Friday’s Finest #1 spot this week. The brand wanted to re-launch their Take5 chocolate bar while promoting what they called a “Swag Exchange.” This promotion allowed the festival goers to take their unwanted merchandise (water bottles, mugs, t shirts, etc) and swap them for things they may actually use like ponchos, flasks, reservations at tough-to-get-into restaurants, and gift cards. Hershey’s created a colorful video for the promotion as well. Check out the ad below:


The attempt to grab the attention of millennials and festival goers was a creative spin on the swag we collect that typically ends up in a box or a drawer somewhere and it’s why it is this week’s Friday’s Finest.

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