Friday’s Finest: Issue #4

We’ve been gone for a few weeks traveling, but now were back and ready to bring you another issue of Friday’s Finest! The last couple of weeks has brought a lot of sports news. With the US Women’s National Soccer team asking for equal pay to their male counterparts, the Golden State Warriors tying the most wins in NBA history, Kobe Bryant preparing for his final career NBA game, and Jordan Spieth’s unfortunate collapse the last day of the Masters giving England’s Danny Willett the green jacket. You may have discovered from past posts already that this Friday’s Finest writer is indeed a giant sports fan. This last couple weeks has delivered some lovable ads that we can’t help but share. This is Friday’s Finest: Sports Edition.


#3) Golfsmith- This is the Round #AnythingForGolf

Golfsmith, a golf apparel and supply store, had a little bit of fun with their most recent campaign. The game of golf can bring a day of enjoyment and relaxation, but most of the time it brings frustration and a hope that it’ll be over soon. However, this doesn’t stop all of us from starting our rounds as optimistic as can be. Golfsmith nailed this attitude showing a series of golfers preparing their shots, all which don’t go as planned. The ad is number three on our Friday’s Finest because it’s a great definition of golf in 30 seconds and speaks to the majority of the golf market. Even if you’re Arnold Palmer or Annika Sorenstam, the spot makes you think “we’ve all been there.” Check out the ad here:

#2) ESPN: This is SportsCenter ft. Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth has become a force to be reckoned with these past couple years. He won the Masters in 2015 and almost had the green jacket again this year. ESPN sets the pro golfer in a cafeteria with his caddy and we watch as Spieth tries to handle a bowl of mac ‘n’ cheese. The duo go back and forth between a spoon and fork before finally landing on the right utensil. The spot makes the list on Friday’s Finest because of its ability to take a professional athlete and use their routines in a clever way. Check out Jordan in the bit below:

#1) Apple TV: Father Time ft. Michael B. Jordan and Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant will be remembered as one of the best guards to ever play professional basketball. He’s a five time NBA champion, a two time NBA finals MVP, an Olympic gold medalist, and a twenty-year veteran of the Los Angeles Lakers. He pokes fun at his age in this spot for Apple TV. The ad starts with Michael B. Jordan (star of hits like Friday Night Lights, Fruitvale Station, and Creed) is set to play “young Kobe” in a new movie. He’s talking to Kobe about his role and how he believes Bryant is locked in a battle with “Father Time”. The two go back and forth about Kobe’s legacy and Jordan’s role for a while until Kobe says “get out of my trailer”. The spot becomes Friday’s Finest because of Bryant’s ability to laugh at himself in a way that recognizes his career is ending, but also honors his legacy.

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